“I would recommend SRDC for any kind of social research and analysis in Yemen. The results from SRDC will be on-time and display the highest professional standards in terms of collection of data and analysis”

Jerry Farrell - Country Director
Save the Children | Yemen Country Office

SRDC at Glance

SRDC at Glance

The Social Research and Development Center (SRDC) is an independent non-governmental and non-profit research and development organization. SRDC offers social science research services with most stringent and highest quality. SRDC obtained its registration certificate No. 536 from the Ministry of Social Affairs & Labor back in July 2011. However, the center started its actual operations in 2013 due to the extraordinary security situation the country saw in 2011 and early 2012.

SRDC aims to contribute to Yemen’s social and sustainable development, investigate and research political, social and economic problems and challenges facing the country at the moment together with helping strengthen local NGOs and raising awareness about the problems that needs immediate attention.

SRDC’s mission is to work with international and national organizations as well as local communities to resolve development challenges, build sound development models and contribute to the country’s overall sustainable development. It also seeks to meet all research needs of international development organizations, local NGOs and government institutions.

We, at SRDC, offers a wide range of services for international, local, development organizations and donors community, government institutions and private sector, including all sorts of quantitative and qualitative research, monitoring and evaluation, among several others. The quantitative services include public opinion polls, demographic, household and economic. In-depth interviews, focus groups, among several others, are the key qualitative services offered by SRDC. It also offers management, marketing and strategy consulting for small and medium businesses and NGOs.

Although it has been recently established, SRDC has a professional and dedicated team enjoying track-record experience in managing qualitative and quantitative research projects and management of NGOs and project management. These projects were conducted nationwide and covered a wide range of issues, be that economic, political, social or cultural.

SRDC has a dedicated, highly experienced and qualified team. In addition, the Center cooperates with dozens of experts, consultants and university professors inside and outside Yemen, when the need be. In addition our own in-house research capabilities, SRDC has also a strategic partnership with the Percent Corporation for Polling Research and Transparency Promotion and this would allow for conducting large scale surveys and research projects.

SRDC’s team has, out of their different work backgrounds and portfolios, had wide experience in managing, implementing and supervising internationally-funded projects. The team has managed and supervised dozens of development and awareness raising projects sponsored by numerous international institutions including the World Bank, United Nations Development Program (UNDP), National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), National Endowment for Democracy (NED), Pan-Arab Research Center (PARC), and the Ministry of Local Administration, to name but a few.