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Jerry Farrell - Country Director
Save the Children | Yemen Country Office

President Hadi’s Performance Viewed by 66% as “Good”

According to a recent survey by the Social Research and Development Center (SRDC) conducted in four provinces (Taiz, Al-Hodeidah, Sana’a and Amran) and targeted 500 respondents, President Abd Rabu Mansour Hadi’s performance during the past year was viewed as “good” by 66%, while 22% said it is “neither good nor bad” and 4% said it is bad. Meanwhile, 8% said they “do not know”.


Gender wise, the majority of those who said that President Hadi’s performance was good over the past year are males at 80%, versus 51% of females. More female than male respondents say President Hadi’s performance over the past year was “neither good nor bad”. This applies to those stating the performance was “bad” at 5% versus 3% for male respondents. Likewise, the majority of those who answered “do not know” are female respondents at 14% versus 2% for male respondents.


By governorate, the highest percentage of respondents saying that President Hadi’s performance is good was in Hodeidah at 75%, followed by Taiz at 70%, while just half of respondents (50%) in Sana’a stated his performance over the past year was good and less than half of the respondents in Amran (47%) said it was good. Sana’a province ranked the highest with regards to respondents saying President’s performance over the past year was “bad” at 7%, followed by Amran at 4% and Taiz at about 4% as well and 3% in Al-Hodeidah. Likewise, the highest percentage of those stating the performance was “neither good nor bad” was in Sana’a at 30%, followed by Amran at 27%, Taiz at 26% and finally Al-Hodeidah at about 13%.